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The most popular infidelity case of 2009

December 31, 2009

Tiger Woods set another record in 2009. Unfortunately, it was not a golf record.

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Election Fraud – Voter Fraud

November 18, 2009

Learn about the investigative process for fraud committed in public elections.

Election Fraud Investigation

Documenting Workers’ Comp Claims

September 9, 2009

When an employee fakes an injury it’s usually an internal injury, an injury that can not be observed visually. Injuries to the neck and back are popular claims of false injuries in the workplace. Injuries such as cuts and bruises have visible effects and are not easily faked. Employees who are working on a temporary basis are often more tempted to file a false injury claim than those who are full time employees.

Workers compensation insurance protects employees who are injured while on the job. This benefit pays for the loss of wages and medical expenses while the employee recovers.

Most employees are honest. Only a small percentage of employees file fraudulent injury claims for profit. However, the financial damage they cause to the employer and the insurance provider is enormous.

An employer should keep detailed records of incidents that occur in the workplace regardless of whether or not an injury claim was filed. It is essential for an employer to establish an internal, investigative protocol for accidents that have occurred. Written statements generated from eyewitness accounts should be kept on record in addition to a written statement provided by the injured employee. Photos of the accident scene, the equipment involved and visible injuries to the employee may also be of assistance in the future. The employer’s insurance company and legal counsel should also be contacted for advice.

Ohio Workers’ Comp Investigation

Deadbeat Parents

August 31, 2009

Even though child support is a court mandated order, some irresponsible parents refuse to pay this financial support. Collecting child support can often be a difficult process. Some state laws permit the courts to garnish wages, intercept tax refunds, mandate jail time, or possibly revoke the driver’s license of the deadbeat parent who refuses to pay the custodial parent. In same cases, regardless of the consequences, a deadbeat dad or mom searches for ways around the system.

If you are owed child support payments you should file a complaint with your local Child Support Enforcement Agency. Be prepared to provide detailed information regarding the non-payment, as well as any information you may have about the parent’s last known address and place of employment.

Child Support Assistance

Infidelity in a failing U.S. Economy

August 24, 2009

Economic factors can have an adverse affect on marriages. The loss of a job, foreclosures and difficulty paying bills often contribute to one spouse cheating on the other. Married couples are seeking relief from the reality of their daily lives. We are seeing more and more of this in our infidelity cases in northeastern Ohio. Unfortunately, extramarital affairs are on the rise. There are two common areas of concern to a spouse who has filed for divorce; child custody and the expenditures incurred with extramarital affairs. A cheating spouse creates a disruptive and dysfunctional environment for the entire family. These adverse family situations usually begin immediately after the affair has been initiated.

Cheating Spouse Investigation Northeastern Ohio