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Deadbeat Parents

August 31, 2009

Even though child support is a court mandated order, some irresponsible parents refuse to pay this financial support. Collecting child support can often be a difficult process. Some state laws permit the courts to garnish wages, intercept tax refunds, mandate jail time, or possibly revoke the driver’s license of the deadbeat parent who refuses to pay the custodial parent. In same cases, regardless of the consequences, a deadbeat dad or mom searches for ways around the system.

If you are owed child support payments you should file a complaint with your local Child Support Enforcement Agency. Be prepared to provide detailed information regarding the non-payment, as well as any information you may have about the parent’s last known address and place of employment.

Child Support Assistance

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  1. December 12, 2009 8:46 PM

    Some people manage to bypass the system, ignore the laws; escape court orders & go on and on and on, existing; living the life they lead with absolutely no consequences for failure to support their child. I want to know how to get the courts to enforce the child support laws??

    My daughter has an attorney (for over 1 year now)who has completely failed her in every way, all the while billing her with no end in sight. Recently, she did have some success with actually getting the divorce, (with the pep talk she received from another attorney) it gave her the self-confidence to get a little stronger with her attorney.

    So far her x has paid her $40.00 total (for over 1 year) for child support for my beautiful granddaughter! Wow, that must have hurt. This is a man who has a record of domestic abuse, has a restraining order in place; but has visitation with the 2 year old 2 times a month. He was receiving unemployment for the 1st 6 months after the court ordered child support, didn’t bother to pay any child support, other than the whopping $40.00! So far he has managed to manipulate, charm & convince the judges to give him 1 more try about 50 times!! He has not shown in court because supposedly on the way to court he was to start a new job, lie! & forgiven by the judge. Every time he is to be in court he either has an excuse for not being there or has a million excuses when he gets there, all of which the judges seem to believe. He doesn’t go to court if he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t pick her up if he doesn’t want to, he will leave a 2 year old, all dressed up & ready to go; waiting for a daddy that doesn’t show. Twice, we (the grandparents & her mother) have had to call in the police to get him to return the child, when we wouldn’t.

    Now, we have a 2 year old who: each time she comes home from her daddy’s house: is acting out, name calling & misbehaving – because, as she states it “daddy said” this & that. He is brainwashing & causing mental harm to the child he claims to love. Trying to teach her to dislike or misbehave to all the people who are contributing to the financial support of her & loving her & raising her, where he fails to do so.

    Failed to go to court a number of times.
    Failed to go to divorce/parental counseling as court ordered.
    Failed to go to mediation as court ordered.
    Failed to pay child support. Failed to get a job (at least 1 with a paper trail). Now what??

    My daughter left his abuse, with $5.00 in her pocket. We took her & my grandchild in last year, 1 week b4 xmas and she had nowhere to go. She is an awesome mommy, she has struggled with 1 junk car after another (while he kept the nice one they had). She has struggled with more than 1 job & the emotional/financial stresses that comes with trying to raise your child without the help of the other parent. She pays an attorney, regularly, has filed with child support enforcement & has followed all judges orders, to no avail. Now what? When will the judges/courts tire of his lies & his salesmanship charms & actually force him into reality? Like: jail time, drivers license revocation, etc? Oh, he had his foid card removed because he is a hunter, but yet he post pictures of his latest catches along with his shot gun on his my space for all his friends to view. What the heck is going on here??? They struggle week to week, but still she has provided a loving & safe home for her child. She plays with her, teaches her & helps her to grow, despite not having any help with the father or the system. I think it’s years and years of red tape any time there is a child / divorce situation, but I’ve never seen anyone who can skate by so many officials, so many times & thoroughly convince them that he is a wonderful father who just needs a little more time. I hope vegas and colorado were good to him on his trips this year (myspace), as I know he can’t afford to help with milk & cereal.

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